A special experience

Today is what we call in Germany my name day. it is the feast of St. Boniface. My special experience is that I had visitors from the south of Bavaria. In the early 1950´s I worked at a wholesale business and made my apprenticeship there. This is over 50 years ago.
And today one friend my age, whom I had as an apprentice working under me then, visited with his wife and son. For me who has no family living anymore in Berlin, my hometown, it is the only connection I have to times past. The firm where I worked does not exist anymore. But somehow the friendship with Wolfgang has endured.
That brings me to a second point I wanted to make with this true story. He is of course, by now retired and makes extended trips with his camper (24 ft. long) in Europe. Last year he even went to the US and Canada and enjoyed his trip immensely. It opened new horizons for me and his family.
I admire this in a man who has retired yet does not sit behind the stove and picks up and goes in order to learn about far away countries and cultures and sees new countries and people.
Yes, of course, he must be able to afford these trips. He has worked hard in computers and worked also with a private theater group in Munich. I marvel at people who are doing things a bit out of the ordinary.
Entering the stage of retirement it would be helpful to have a plan of action. One is usually young enough to travel, to learn new things, to get engaged in charity or some other good stuff. And it prevents one from becoming depressed and one-sided.


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