Handling depression

So I am trying something new. I am writing a page and hope that will come out alright. I have a wonderful lady mentor who is helping me and I trust between her and myself we will get this right.
I wanted to write a bit more about how I dealt with depression over the span of many years. In my last blog I related how I got back to the States in 1991 and through the help of a kind Sister I was pointed towards finding out about depression and what to do about it. And I said Prozac has helped me greatly. I am leading I would say a normal life. Yet I also know I need to stay away from things that might make me sad or bring back old memories of turmoil and suffering.
In 1998 I left Schuyler once more, this time for Europe. A conflict had developed between myself and the Prior at the time. I was being driven towards despair and had to make a drastic decision in pulling out of the States returning home.
First I went for half a year to Rome, where the Benedictines have an abbey called San Anselmo on the Aventine hill. After giving the new work a good try I found out I could not handle the Italian language on top of the other stuff I had learned so far. And so I moved back to the abbey and thought this time for good.
Then 3 and a half years ago I was asked to go to our house in Würzburg, not far from the abbey. They needed someone for the reception desk and for the guests. So I came here and am still here.
You know I could say I am surprised about the many changes I had to make in my life and the going from one continent to another wherever the Lord called me. And in half a year I have to move on again. I will return to the abbey and take over the English correspondence which so far a confrere has taken care of who will be 85 this year and needs to be relieved of this work.
So I am not at the end of the road yet. My depression is under control if I can word it so. I have gone down from 40 mg of Prozac a day to 20 mg, and that is fine. I feel good. I do accept all the changes I had to make as the will of God and following the will of my superiors.
And you know there is something that makes me see depression in others on their faces. I am very alert to this kind of signal and can often say a good word to someone who makes a sad face. I like to brighten up people with a few words of cheer. I know how important that is to me when I am down sometime.
So now I will close for today. God bless you and help you carry out every day what needs to be done. And if at all possible gracefully and cheerfully.


Comments on: "Handling depression" (2)

  1. I am glad to learn that a post is helpful. I have written because I know myself how it is to be depressed. Many people do not even know it and suffer needlessly at times. I trust you are on a good way now.
    God bless Boniface

  2. thank you for this great article. It helped me alot. Together with this article, there was another found here at http://www.successismyname.com/2012/08/14/overcome-depression-my-life-experience/ . This was an article on true life experience.Both articles complemented together well and allowed me to better understand and manage my depression level. Thank you.

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