Approaching retirement

Certainly the years before we really approach retirement are difficult ones for most of us. There is another big chunk of life coming at us and we cannot be sure how this is going to develop. Somehow it is a little bit like Peter getting out of the boat and wanting to walk towards the Lord who is walking on the lake.
We know retirement will eventually hit us too. We can resolutely prepare ourself for it by doing the things one would have to do to safeguard ones bank account, to have the necessary insurance policies and to have paid off ones debts on the house, if there are any.
But yet after you have done all you should do and know you have to do there remains a high degree of uncertainty. I am not sure I can compare this to my situation when I first thought about following Gods call to enter religious life. Then too there was no telling if He had called me, if I would be able to make the switch from job and home to a monastery. There were voices of some who told me it would not work. I felt then that if I decided to get out of the boat and to walk towards the Lord I had to abandon some or most of my anxieties and just give it a try. And if all worked out it would be ok.
About forty years later, after having been a monk for 50 years, I can say that with the Lords help I did ok. I never looked back. I kept doing at the present moment what needed to be done.
May be this is far-fetched, but I think retirement is a dare, is not knowing how it will be and yet putting it into the Lords hands and then doing every day what needs to be done.
There is one fact that needs to be mentioned. Today we are all getting older. We have a longer life expectancy. Medical care is getting better yet also more expensive.
One could worry all day and all night and nothing would change. So I suppose with trust and good faith and taking good care of myself we have done our part. And when the time of our retirement comes it will help us also if we have tried to develop a positive attitude towards life and those around us.


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