Teilhard de Chardin in the divine milieu

I am calling on a big name, someone who was very much on peoples mind may be 55 years ago. He wrote about a great many things. In the earliest book I read from him a passage impressed me very much. He writes and I quote this in German about “Die Kräfte der Minderung”, now I shall try to translate this into English,
the powers that make for a decrease in our life´s strength.
Now you can translate that differently but I think you will get the meaning when you follow this piece.
We all are used to increase from childhood, to adolescence to manhood or womanhood, to our best years and then we come to our years when our strength lessens, probably after our retirement.
We are so used to be more, grow more and grow better that when these things hit us, they mean a new chapter in our life.
For instance, let me give you an example. I have spoken of depression that suffered from all my life. However it was named as such only in my later years.
But at age 59 I suffered from prostate cancer. At a routine examination and the obligatory PSA test in the States I was found to have a high count of over 11 and about 4 is normal. So I went to the urologist and he found cancer on Good Friday of the year. I had to open a new conference center on June 1st so I asked him if he could operate very soon. So I was under the knife on Tuesday after Easter. It hardly gave me time to get over the shock that cancer was found. And I needed to get this done in a hurry.
It went well. After surgery and five days in the hospital in Fremont, NE I went back home. A period of 30 days followed when I had to take it easy. That certainly was one of those things I mentioned above, the things that come up and decreased the fullness of life and health we have enjoyed a life long. Of course, life was not the same afterwards.
What really got me was that on Good Friday came the diagnosis, the feeling of sadness and right away during the first few days of Easter I discovered that all the cancer had been successfully removed.
Illness is nothing we can do much about but to take it with a grin. I feel though, that at that time of my life I was better equipped to deal with such a condition since I was better able to put all in the hands of Almighty God.
One more thing I might add. It is so important that all of us in life as we grow older take the necessary precautions to safeguard our health and well-being. Our health is something very precious and we have great expectations may be for the time of our retirement. We also need to be cautious. Health is a gift from God.


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